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With regards to whitening your enamel, you’ve got two choices – in your own home teeth whitening or in workplace tooth whitening. While you would anticipate, a single is noticeably dearer compared to the other, but you can find also a few other aspects you require to take into account when building your conclusion. Blanchiment des dents

Bleaching agent strength

Enamel whitening merchandise which can be bought over-the-counter to be used in your house typically include a lower power bleaching agent than what might be present in a dentist’s office – 3% hydrogen peroxide. If you visit a dentist’s office to possess your teeth professionally whitened, the tooth whitening products and solutions that may be utilized on the enamel will incorporate hydrogen peroxide in concentrations ranging from 15-40%. The stronger the bleaching agent is, the greater noticeable the outcomes will be.

Mouthpiece trays

Whenever you go to the dentist to get your enamel whitened, he’ll choose an effect of the tooth and make sure that a mouthpiece tray is custom-made to fit your enamel correctly. The advantage during this is the fact the whitening gel, which is placed on the tooth by using the mouthpiece tray, will have maximum contact on your tooth. A custom made created mouthpiece tray may also be certain that the whitening gel is not going to come into contact with gum tissue which could hurt your gums.

Over-the-counter enamel whitening merchandise also come by using a mouthpiece tray, but due to the “one dimensions fits all” tactic, the suit is usually neither exact nor relaxed. Poorly fitted trays use a behavior of irritating the smooth tissues of the gums by enabling the bleaching gel to seep onto them.


Generally, over-the-counter enamel whitening bleaching items ought to be used with a everyday foundation for just a few of several hours a day for approximately four months. In place of work bleaching however offers the most effective and fastest approach to whiten enamel. A dentist will often make use of a laser to accelerate the whitening system which implies that success is often noticed in as tiny as 30-60 minutes right after a person remedy. On the other hand, bear in mind that to achieve a big variation inside the colour of the tooth, a number of appointments could be desired.


Over the counter tooth whitening goods are so common mainly because these are affordable. One of most widely used Diy teeth whitening merchandise, Crest 3D Whitestrips, can be bought for as very little as $25 for your just one calendar year offer.

Teeth whitening bleaching strategies inside a dentist’s office environment cost significantly additional, along with the price tag ranging from $500-$1000 to whiten all of your tooth, and $200-$500 per arch. Remember this determine can vary determined by where you live.


Whitening your enamel inside of a dentist’s workplace has several distinctive advantages which won’t be able to be obtained from whitening your tooth at your home. For one particular, your dentist will perform an oral examination and will also contemplate your professional medical history so he understands how your tooth came to be discolored. This will likely enable identify if bleaching is really an acceptable plan of action according to the location of any restorations and also the amount and kind of stains you have. Your dentist will then have the capacity to ascertain what the finest course of action will be to lighten those people stains.